Kardent, the Right Choice for CASp Inspection and Reporting

CASp Inspection and Reporting

While property owners and tenants have been navigating liability, risk and responsibility of ADA compliance for many years, today’s new statutory-damage risks raise the bar for compliance planning, practice and maintenance. Risk related to liability, litigation or statutory fines have property owners rushing to understand CASp and the newest safeguards to mitigating litigation and fines.

While building codes are amended regularly, ADA has rarely changed since its inception in 1990. What has changed is compliance requirements, and CASp is at the forefront of those requirements. Ensuring equal access compliance of a property is now also a construction-related accessibility standard.

As an outgrowth of ADA, CASp, a designation for Certified Access Specialist Professionals, is the latest in compliance peace-of-mind. CASp ensures property owners and tenants the gold-standard of protection and its qualified defendant status should an equal-access challenge cause a property owner or tenant to engage attorney’s or find itself in court.

Kardent CASp professionals are available to counsel portfolio clients on ADA applicability, and nuance, with respect to; building type, age, or historical importance, and; public-access definitions, CASp requirements, process, documentation, reporting and maintenance.

While a CASp project can be generally straightforward, selecting the right CASp partner may not be. Kardent’s 10-year history and hundreds of years of professional experience, combine to offer our CASp Client’s our commitment to the following values:

Our rate of 80% repeat-client business is a testament to the talented, professional and client-centric staff, organization and management.

As Architects and designers, we’re naturally consultative and carry forward that approach
to ensure a CASp project is well planned, and checks all the client’s priorities;

Kardent is licensed in 18 states, and growing, to serve multi-site and state needs;

From consultation, to field-survey, support and reporting, it’s always Kardent staff;

As Architects, its seamless for Kardent to produce CASp-required architectural drawings and documents required to complete the necessary work or repairs to become fully compliant;

Kardent ownership and management proudly stands behind the work of our professionals;

From advisory and services, to reporting and billing; everything is about benefitting our clients;

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