Clever designs don’t just inspire, they can reduce building and operating costs, stimulate productivity, and change how people feel about their environment.

Personable and passionate, KARDENT’s architects and designers have deep experience in new site development, adaptive reuse, and modular/pre-fab construction with projects throughout California and across the U.S. Make your vision a reality with KARDENT and achieve high quality without compromising your schedule or budget.

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New Site Development

From entitlements and demolition to interior design and landscaping, KARDENT’s seasoned architects can transform your site into an award-winning project. Our experienced architects and project managers take on the careful coordination of site selection, schematic design, interior design, environmental compliance, utilities, parking, building permits, zoning approvals, and other regulatory hurdles.

Adaptive Reuse

Do you need to convert a space from one type of occupancy to another? As market demands change, you may decide to convert a restaurant into a preschool, or convert an office space into retail space. For any occupancy conversion, you’ll need to go through a Change of Use process with your local government. KARDENT’s architects can provide the design, documentation, and guidance to help clients breeze through this confusing process which often involves multiple consultants and multiple municipal departments reviews.

Modular and Pre-Fab Construction
Modular and Pre-Fab Construction

Modular and Pre-Fab Construction

Do you need to transform your site in the shortest time possible? KARDENT is the firm of choice for many municipalities when it comes to quickly reimagining existing sites using modular and pre-fab elements. As part of a thorough site plan, our experienced architects can specify individual modular and pre-fabricated components, as well as entire modular structures that will shorten the time-to-value for your next project.

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