Site Planning

Deriving the most value from your site depends on a careful and efficient arrangement of program elements within the constraints imposed by the site, adjacent elements, and your local municipality.

We quickly analyze the multiple functions your site must support and design a site plan, campus plan, or master plan that facilitates those functions and maximizes the return of your improvements. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Master Plans / Landscaping

After a thorough needs assessment, we’ll help illuminate the possibilities for your site, we will consider the current and adjacent built environment, local ecosystem, climate, market value, future expansion, and budget. Because value resides in potential — even if your program doesn’t currently require storage, inventory delivery support, food service, or manufacturing support — we can plan your site to easily accommodate value-added changes that might be required in the future. Beyond structures, we always strive to integrate with the natural surrounding environment, developing landscaping plans that feature local, drought tolerant, indigenous species that might qualify for zero scaping, desert scaping, or water conservation targets required by your municipality.
Master Plans / Landscaping

Access and Circulation Improvements

Modifying an existing building continues to be a cost-effective way to increase the return on your investment as you tailor your site for current market demands. When those modifications trigger accessibility and parking reviews, our CASp Certified architects and designers are ready to quickly redesign parking and pedestrian access to satisfy your local municipality. We do all this while transforming your site into one that will hold deeper appeal for those who might become future tenants.

Energy Upgrades

All businesses want to reduce costs and save money, and the larger your site, the more important it is to reduce your dependence on market-rate energy sources. KARDENT has years of experience with energy consumption reduction strategies, solar capture integration and energy storage technology. This technology is evolving quickly, and there are many possibilities beyond the carport and rooftop-mounted arrays. Ask us about cutting-edge integrated photovoltaic facades which can easily eclipse the performance gains of traditional solar, especially when paired with onsite battery and storage systems that will further reduce your dependence on market-rate energy.

Contact our team to learn more about our site planning services.

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