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Great design can make your business more successful.

KARDENT delivers professional services to all segments of the commercial real-estate market. We work closely with end users, brokers, property and asset managers, and developers to help get the deal done and the doors open.

KARDENT is a fully integrated architectural design and commercial interiors firm that uses the Power of Design to maximize the return on your real estate assets. We measure the success of our work by our clients’ ability to use the space to achieve their business goals.

Throughout the years, we have completed countless tenant improvement, space planning, and common area build-out projects. We work every day to keep costs down by utilizing existing improvements, when possible, and we exceed client expectations with fast schedules, creating spaces that will actively sell your real-estate. It’s why landlords and property managers have been coming back to us over and over again. 


We use our experience to guide clients through decisions and provide the information they need to make educated decisions throughout the design and construction process. Getting KARDENT involved early in the process can help establish realistic expectations on budget, schedule, and design while helping steer clear of common build-out misconceptions.

Discovery & Programming
+ Client Interview
+ Site Survey
+ Code Review
+ Programming

Schematic Design & Entitlements
+ Conceptual Planning
+ Schematic Drawings
+ Pricing Plan
+ Entitlement Application
+ City Feedback & Modification

Design Development
+ Mood & Inspiration Boards
+ Architectural & Interiors Documentation
+ Finish Selection
+ Renderings

Construction Documents
+ Engineering Coordination
+ Bidding Support
+ Permit Submittals
+ Specifications
+ Plan Check Services

Construction Administration
+ Requests for Info
+ Jobsite Meetings
+ CO Support
+ Punch List


Our design process begins with Discovery:

This is a deep dive into your business, covering how you work now and your goals for the future.



Next, we develop your Program:

This is a detailed description of your space needs and operational requirements, including a survey of conditions in your specific location.


Schematic Design

With your program in hand, we create a Schematic Design:

This lays out your business requirements into your new office space. At this phase, we work to make sure the fit, flow, and connections between departments work for your organization.

Schematic Design

Design Development

Once we have the fit right, we move into Design Development:

In this phase, we focus on the details that will create a space where your people and business can thrive, including colors, finishes, furniture, lighting, and more. These details would be placed into a pricing plan and costed by a contractor to ensure it meets your budget. We refine these plans to ensure they are Feasible, meaning they can be built; Viable, ensuring they are within budget and will benefit your business; and Desirable to the people who will use them.

We also begin working out the construction details, coordinating with all the team members — Consultants, Structural, Civil, and MEP Engineers — to make sure the detailing of each work with one another and the building.

Design Development

Construction Documents

Once your team is happy with the designs, we translate them into Construction Documents:

These are the detailed plans that contractors and building professionals need in order to bring the plans to life. These plans can then be used to secure bids from contractors and sub-contractors. We then help guide you through the process of obtaining bids and selecting the right contractors for your project.

Detailed Construction Documents are also needed to obtain permitting from the relevant and local Building, Fire, and Planning agencies. We can help you package and submit the necessary plans and documents to secure your permits so that work can begin.

Construction Documents

Construction Administration

Throughout construction, KARDENT will:

  • Provide Construction Administration services, including answering requests for information (RFI), implementation revisions and review, contractor change orders, and MEP/ Structural engineering coordination.
  • Attend onsite and online construction meetings.
  • Review Contractor Pay Applications and Shop Drawings for any custom cabinets and furniture.
  • Walk the project at completion and make a list of incorrect, substandard items for the contractor to repair or replace prior to final payment.

Our goal is to help you complete your project successfully and provide a smooth transition from your current office to your new office!

Construction Administration

Great work requires a great space.

A recent survey showed that nearly 50% of American employees rank their work environment as the most critical element of job satisfaction. Many times, however, space planning is overlooked or swept under the rug.

When designing an office, we always look at the overall objective for that space — from defining your brand to reducing costs of operation, to improving efficiency by more properly utilizing your work space — ultimately improving employee morale and reducing turnover. Moreover, instead of sizing up to a bigger office (and a larger rent), KARDENT can help you better use your existing space to fit more people, without making them feel like sardines.

A well-designed workspace has been proven to boost productivity and increase the happiness and satisfaction of a workforce. With careful planning and the Power of Design, every office can be a great place to work.

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