Interior Design

Our interior designers are obsessed with carefully integrating color, texture, patterns, and forms to create uplifting spaces that promote focus and collaboration.

We meet face-to-face with suppliers every week to ensure we know about the constantly evolving choices in light fixtures, task chairs, work surfaces, acoustic forms, wall coverings, flooring, and paint.

Visually representing your space before a single tile is ordered can often save substantial time and money. We work closely with clients to build mood boards, space plans, elevations, lighting plans, sketches, and 3D renderings to ensure you move forward with your project confident that your unique space is aesthetically memorable while achieving the highest degrees of durability and longevity. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Original Artwork, Branding, and Wayfinding

A unique expression of beauty, a memorable message, and a distinctive mood. An original piece of art can leave an indelible mark in the public’s mind. KARDENT’s designers have installed whimsical and vivacious pieces in unexpected locations in many of our projects. Eliciting a feeling through art can be especially helpful in developing a reputation through branding, or to reduce confusion by implementing specific and memorable wayfinding devices.

Original Artwork, Branding, and Wayfinding

Medical Office Renovations

Our team doesn’t just design medical spaces, our Construction Managers have a long history of shortening timelines and reducing interruptions to patient care. The demands of outpatient medical spaces can vary greatly by specialty, demographics, and local health regulations. A careful evaluation of existing conditions can reveal opportunities to increase patient comfort and efficient workflows. KARDENT designers have mastered the challenge of weaving spaces of isolation and privacy together with spaces focused on connection. Integrating current technology in a hygienic, durable, and uplifting environment is our hallmark.

Furniture Design and Specifications

Creative and intentional furniture design supports the work we do in hidden and evident ways. KARDENT designers are constantly exploring new designs in furniture and know how to recommend furniture designed to support the goals that enable your productivity. Need to unite team members for vigorous collaboration or provide quiet concentration spaces for individual contributors? Not all combinations of work surfaces, seating, and storage work together toward all goals. An expert from KARDENT can help you find the combination of pieces that support your unique goals, which can also be adapted to future changes.

Contact our team to learn more about our interior design services.

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