Accurate information about a site and its structure is critical for making changes that require permitting or require cost estimates.

KARDENT can quickly deploy a Field Survey team to record the dimensions and attributes required to move your project forward in the shortest time possible. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Site Surveys

Changes in occupancy type can sometimes require a change in the amount of parking offered on the site. A parking survey from KARDENT reliably describes your current parking counts to ensure your site qualifies for the needed permits for your project. Determining the space available for stalls, travel aisles, and even vehicle swept path analysis can ensure you are using your site to the fullest.

Site Surveys

As-Built Surveys

The beginning of any new renovation project begins with an assessment of the existing built environment. As-Built drawings describes your structure and site at the beginning of your project, and helps define how it will appear and function at the end of the construction process. We love exploring structures and sites to carefully document the dimensions of all interior features. We will also record the presence of existing electrical, fire/life safety, millwork, and plumbing that might need to be relocated, removed, and eventually replaced.

Accessibility Related Surveys

When we design with accessibility in mind, we increase the number of people who can use a site. A site that can accommodate more levels of ability increases the demand for that site, which can become a critical differentiator, increasing the perceived value by tenants. Carefully documenting existing accessible parking stalls, driving aisles, lot striping, and signage can reveal opportunities to increase the accessibility and value of your structures, as well as open doors for different kinds of permitted changes to the site. Many projects require a Certified Access Specialist Report, and we can help with that by evaluating the required elements in your existing accessible restrooms.

CASp Inspection and Reporting

Contact our team to learn more about our survey services.

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