Steve Gillis-Moore

Architectural Designer

Steve joined KARDENT in October, 2022 because he values KARDENT’S experience, stability, variety of projects, commitment to the local community, and their deeply held optimism both in and out of the office. What he loves most is working in close proximity to passionate, fun, upbeat, gregarious design professionals for clients and vendors that clearly value the team’s enthusiasm, skills, and dedication. In his spare time, Steve likes to restore old cars and participate in amateur motorsports. He also plays tennis and hikes regularly. He sang in a barbershop quartet in Vancouver, Canada and has plans to start a band in Long Beach. His family had to say goodbye to their 13-year-old Schnauzer and have been dog sitting for friends and family as much as possible. They plan to add a new puppy to the family when the time is right.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration and a Master’s of Architecture. He is also a Microsoft Certified Professional and member of the American Institute of Architects.

Steve Gillis-Moore

“Our team excels at speaking with clarity and precision while keeping our clients’ best interests at heart.”

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