Clarence Vong

Architectural Designer

Clarence joined KARDENT in July 2023, and was immediately impressed with the diversity of projects and the company’s drive to become a design leader of the future. He started his training in high school with Hand Drafting and Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Clarence loves his job because it doesn’t feel like a job; it feels more like continued life education. He likes that there are always opportunities to learn something new every day. As an architectural designer, Clarence knows the importance of always delivering projects on time to build client trust. Transparency is also key, ensuring the client is informed throughout the project. Providing value in solutions provides clients with high-end design and exceptional customer service, for all-size projects. During his spare time, Clarence likes to go hiking and indulge in culinary arts whether it be tasting or experimenting at home. He also enjoys deep sea fishing with family and friends. Sometimes, he works on his own house, either remodeling or building millwork. He also likes to work on cars and take them for a spin on the Angeles Crest Highway. Someday, he would love to own a Koi pond and few large dog breeds.

Clarence received his Associate’s in Architecture from Pasadena City College and his Bachelor’s in Interior Design from California State University of Northridge. His Master’s is in Landscape Architecture from California State Polytechnic University of Pomona. He also received a scholarship for Transportation Design – Art Center College of Design.

“What I like most about KARDENT is that I can work with multiple people throughout the week. The ability to work with different minds and personalities provides the opportunity to learn and foster relationships. KARDENT also values family and has built a culture of flexibility with a family-first attitude.”

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