Alex Witter


Alex joined KARDENT in 2015 as an intern and was hired full time in 2016 after graduation. She chose KARDENT due to the welcoming and fun personalities of its leaders and teammates. She was also interested in working on corporate office design which is their specialty. She loves that the team wears many different hats which enables her to work on multiple phases of a project. She also appreciates that they make time to connect and have fun with each other, whether it’s during weekly happy hours or at company events. In her spare time, Alex likes working out, taking her dogs on long walks with her husband, helping friends and family organize their homes, and watching the occasional true crime documentary. Alex has two dogs, Hank and Darcy. They were adopted from the streets of Mexico and they’ve made such great house pets. They love to cuddle even though they weigh 50 pounds each! Her favorite place is the state of Montana, where she spent her summers at her family ranch with siblings and cousins hiking in Glacier National Park. She hopes to retire there one day!

Alex holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Interior Design from California State University Long Beach.

“I love transforming spaces not only for aesthetic reasons but also to make the space more functional for a client.”

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