Marcela Padilla Rosenberger

Senior Architectural Designer

Marcela joined Kardent in June 2022, after working in architecture for the past 20 years. Her career focus prior to Kardent has been on private residences. She joined Kardent to expand her skill sets and learn about the commercial side. Kardent has provided a wide-variety of projects that are both challenging and exciting. Marcela loves the vibe at Kardent. There is always something uplifting that happens every day, from the president riding a scooter through the office to the Lunch-n-Learn presentations. The team loves to laugh and interact all day. It lends to the culture and team creativity. In her spare time, Marcela enjoys hiking, walking, reading, photography, making jigsaw puzzles, and watching a good drama show or movie. She also enjoys taking care of her thriving plants: Pepina, Benita, and Moctezuma.

Marcela holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Universidad Iberoamericana Leon, Mexico.


“The company’s core values of trust, transparency, and value are lived daily. This experience gives me the confidence to speak out if I need something.”